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Earlobe Repair New Orleans

Stretched or torn earlobe piercings are the most common reason for earlobe surgery that Dr. Pelias sees in New Orleans, but other problems that she is an expert in repairing are gauged ears as well as misplaced piercings, enlarged earlobes and pixie deformity of the lobes. Earlobe repairs can be performed in our office under local anesthesia. The minor surgical procedure takes less than an hour and is generally pain-free.

Piercing an earlobe places it at risk of stretching and tearing. The amount of stretching of the earlobe opening depends on the size, style and weight of the earrings you wear. The larger, dangle style earrings can easily catch on clothing or be grasped by a child resulting in a partially or completely torn earlobe. Most torn ear lobes can be reshaped by taking out the edges of the tear and repositioning the new edges evenly with tiny sutures (stitches), allowing them to heal smoothly. Often Dr. Pelias uses a z-plasty method of repositioning the edges to minimize the scarring.

Elongated, overly large and misshaped earlobes can be shortened or reshaped to provide a more attractive, youthful appearance. Long, pointed earlobes can be shortened and made to look more natural. Correction of the attached pointy “pixie ear” deformity is an in-office procedure under local anesthetic.

Recently, many patients have expressed regret or unhappiness with their gauged earlobes. Gauged earlobes that are “blown out”, overly stretched, or just not appealing or suitable to the patient anymore can be returned to their previous appearance. Dr. Pelias is able to restore a normal appearance to the lobe using a combination of excision and careful re-attachment of the pieces, and redesign of the lobe.

Some patients benefit from the use of a filler to “bulk up” extremely thin and fragile lobes. If your earrings tip forward, Dr. Pelias might be able to treat them with a simple injection in the office.

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How and where is this done?

Dr Pelias performs earlobe surgery in her office in New Orleans. The procedure is performed completely awake, with local anesthesia. There is very minimal discomfort, and most patients resume their usual activities immediately. Patients typically take tylenol or advil for any soreness for one or two days.


Most patients return to their usual activities the same day. There are typically deep sutures for strength which absorb on their own as well as superficial tiny sutures to make sure that the skin heals as smoothly as possible. Our patients are allowed to shower and wash their hair as usual after the surgery. While the sutures are in place, a small amount of antibiotic ointment is to be applied daily, and we advise against coloring the hair. Dr. Pelias will remove any sutures in 5-7 days after your earlobe repair procedure.


Dr. Pelias prefers to wait approximately 8 weeks or until your scar is soft before she re-pierces your ear(s). Then, it is best to wait another three months after surgery before wearing large or heavy earrings.

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