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Facial Liposuction New Orleans

Liposuction is one of the classic types of cosmetic procedures that everyone has heard of, but few people actually know much about it. The procedure was developed in the 1960s in Europe and has consistently been one of the most popular procedures year after year, with hundreds of thousands of procedure being performed annually. Liposuction is a highly effective procedure for removing fat from many different parts of the body. The procedure may sound simple, but it requires the precision and expertise of a trained cosmetic surgeon to achieve the best and safest results. Dr. Pelias has been performing facial liposuction since 2002.

The term “liposuction” is a literal description of the technique involved — suction-assisted removal of fat. Liposuction will typically involve the use of a suction device called a cannula, which is a hollow tube that comes in various sizes. Dr. Pelias performs facial liposuction under the chin and in the neck area either on its own or included with other cosmetic procedures to improve contouring and enhance the results. The cannula used for facial liposuction is very small and delicate and can be used for meticulous and exacting results.

One of the more recent developments in this cosmetic procedure is using liposuction to harvest fat from an area where it is excessive and putting into areas that may need added volume such as the temples, the cheek hollows, or to fill wrinkles. This can commonly be done under local anesthesia in our New Orleans office. Dr. Pelias will explain this procedure as well as alternatives during your consultation.

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