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Neck Rejuvenation New Orleans

As the face ages, we see the effects of the constant force of gravity coupled with changes in the skin and adipose (fat) tissues. In many patients, the majority of the signs of aging occur at the jawline, under the chin (submental area), or in the neck region – leaving the upper face looking younger and more vibrant than the neck. These patients may seek rejuvenation of the neck region alone, rather than undergoing a full facelift and neck lift. Luckily, Dr. Pelias offers a variety of approaches – from minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments to the latest in surgical rejuvenation – that are targeted specifically at the aging neck. These procedures are great for men and women!

Significant amounts of drooping neck tissue (“turkey neck” or “waddles”), thick neck bands (platysmal banding), and the double chin (submental fat pockets) can all be treated by using a neck lift. A neck lift is minor surgical procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia or minimal sedation. The procedure has multiple elements, each based on the patient’s unique anatomy (degree of skin laxity, amount of fat, and position of the hyoid bone), overall skin condition, and other specific concerns.

Who is a candidate?

Candidates for a neck lift include all patients with loose or sagging skin in the lower face and/or neck region, a poorly defined jawline or prominent jowls, or thick, hanging bands in the neck. The terms neck lift and facelift (or face-lift) can be used by doctors and in the media to imply a wide variety of procedures and approaches. Dr. Pelias tailors her surgical approach to each specific patient, working to achieve the desired goal and avoiding an “operated” look. For patients with issues predominantly in the neck region, a neck lift is an excellent option. Dr. Pelias will review a variety of options during your consultation, helping you to choose the best possible plan for your unique anatomy and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the “down-time” after a neck lift?
A: Depending on the exact surgical approach needed in your case, the down time will vary. For isolated platysma banding, or a double chin, an office procedure can be done that has no associated down time. For patients that need a neck lift, a week off of work is sufficient. Mild bruising and swelling will occur immediately after the surgery, and begin to resolve around the third day. The majority of this process resolves in the first week. Pain is very minimal, and can be controlled with over the counter medicines or stronger pain relievers that Dr. Pelias will prescribe as needed. Dr. Pelias works closely with you throughout the pre and postoperative period, making sure that you are making progress toward an excellent result. Further details can be discussed with Dr. Pelias during your confidential consultation.

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